A description of why desdemona married othello

a description of why desdemona married othello What are iago and roderigo discussing as the first scene of the play opens (a) iago's wife and her treachery (b) the status of the war (c) the gossip of the town (d) the marriage of othello and desdemona.

The marriage of othello and desdemona in shakespeare's othello summary: essay examines the suitability of desdemona and othello in william shakespeare's othello highlights the reasons for their unsuitable union including the foundations on which the relationship was built and the racial difference between the pair. For the two cited passages from act 1, scene 1, students will analyze iago's description of desdemona's flight with othello to her unknowing father, brabantio have 3 students enact and read aloud the roles of roderigo, iago, and brabantio. Othello is the most domestic of shakespeare's tragedies its focus is not on the fall of a king, the collapse of a nation, the agony of a prince or the contradiction between love and duty. Act 1, scene 2 line 18-19 - why othello will not be heavily punished iago tells othello that brabantio who is at a status almost as powerful as the duke, knows that he and desdemona have married and because he is furious he will try to annul the m.

When brabantio, desdemona's father, realizes that his daughter has married othello, his reaction is rage going to where othello is meeting with the venetian senators, brabantio accuses othello of using sorcery to seduce his daughter. Othello's epileptic fitsothello is so much in love with desdemona that the thought of her being unfaithful gives him epileptic fits which are transient symptom of abnormal excessive in the brain the outward effect can be as dramatic as a wild thrashing movement. Why does iago say he hates othello so much, and what does he mean when he says: in following him, i follow but myself what do iago and roderigo hope to accomplish by shouting insulting remarks about othello and desdemona under brabantio's window.

After desdemona falls in love with desdemona and vice versa they decide to elope and get married in the middle of the night the only people who knew that othello married desdemona was originally iago and roderigo. Like othello, desdemona is too willing to trust, for like him she accepts that iago is an honest man—even though she herself describes him as a most profane and liberal counsellor [ii1160] his 'praise' of good women rouses her to indignation, but she does not recognise the deep-seated malice inside him. Shakespeare's characters: othello a preliminary assumption may be that, because othello kills his beloved wife after the devious machinations of iago, then perhaps othello is as much a victim of iago's evil as desdemona is of othello's wrath. Othello demands desdemona to tell him about her secret affair even though desdemona is fully unaware of what he is talking about i cry you mercy then:/ i took you for that cunning whore of venice/ that married wit othello [calling] you, mistress(4287-89. The reason why iago is so quickly and spectacularly successful in persuading othello to swallow the vile tale he spins round desdemona is that othello is primed to believe it by the warped view of women and female sexuality that he shares not only with iago but with other men.

Othello's fate however takes a turn when desdemona's father does not accept him, and his manipulative ensign iago proves untrustworthy, convincing othello that his wife is unfaithful he is undone. This gives us a hint as to why desdemona doesn't seem to have a clue that othello suspects her of infidelity—for desdemona, the idea is simply unthinkable despite her loyalty to her husband, othello physically and verbally abuses desdemona, slapping her and calling her a whore in public. And othello's speech to the duke, explaining the real situation of love between himself and desdemona, is one of the most powerful and beautiful in all of shakespeare (act i, scene iii, lines 128. Not only does desdemona make it clear that she has married othello by her own choice, she evokes her mother's path in life—husband before father—as a justification for her dedication to othello. Othello who is married to desdemona, and iago who is married to emilia both marriages have some similarities as well as some dissimilarities first to understand the marriages of these four complex people, it is important to find out who these people really areshow more content.

Othello mistakes her calls as noises made by desdemona, and smothers desdemona again (full context) finally, othello realizes that it is emilia who is calling. Othello othello is a general in the army of venice he is a moor, a dark-skinned man born in africa, and has risen through the ranks of the venetian army through hard work and success in battle. Give a general description about the role of women and marriage at this time: love and marriage for what two reasons would it have been a big deal that desdemona and othello get married. In act two othello addresses his marriage to desdemona as a purchase (ii38) iago is then led to believe that othello has slept with his wife othello has trespassed on his property, referring to the situation as othello leaping into his seat (ii1286. Desdemona is a beautiful and young woman she is a debutante from veneto who is also her father's apple in the eye she refuses to meet everyone expectations by rejecting marriage offers from the many wealth handsome venetian men who have approached her.

A description of why desdemona married othello

Othello, in shakespeare's play othello, is a happily married and widely respected general in the venetian army despite his african heritage in the beginning of the story, othello has not, as yet, experienced discrimination. Description of cyprus respects desdemona and othello he is mad because roderigo in love with desdemonda and she married othello iago isn't doing his job. \ iago sees desdemona simply as a tool to use for othello's destruction because the moor loves her, because the moor loves her, he too, would love to use her for othello's destruction. Othello had told desdemona that he would restore cassio to his position, but if othello delays that decision, and desdemona speaks up strongly on cassio's behalf, much will be seen in that (33252) this is a safe bet for iago, since he has already seen desdemona speak up for cassio, and can be sure that she will do it again.

She is married to othello and is loyal, faithful, and passionately loves him (othello) in the play desdemona is charged with adultery by her true love and husband othello through the evil doings of iago, othello's ancient, othello believes that desdemona is having an affair with cassio, his lieutenant. This is the reason why some critics have seen that othello and desdemona's relationship is doomed to failure from the start shakespeare discloses desdemona's elopement as a possible sight of how naïve and irrationally she thinks, due to her youth, [similar to another one of shakespeare's characters, young juliet, in romeo and juliet.

Jealousy is a prevalent theme in othello multiple characters experience this feeling at some point in the play roderigo feels envy when he learns that desdemona married othello. In othello, desdemona is a very feminine character she is described as a daughter and a wife her role is determined by her relationship to the male characters, and her behaviour is directed by the males as well.

a description of why desdemona married othello What are iago and roderigo discussing as the first scene of the play opens (a) iago's wife and her treachery (b) the status of the war (c) the gossip of the town (d) the marriage of othello and desdemona. a description of why desdemona married othello What are iago and roderigo discussing as the first scene of the play opens (a) iago's wife and her treachery (b) the status of the war (c) the gossip of the town (d) the marriage of othello and desdemona.
A description of why desdemona married othello
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